Worship Leader Vs. Lead Worshipper

I wish I had a quarter for every time I’ve been called a Worship Leader. Not that it’s an insult to be called a Worship Leader, I just don’t think that that title fits my purpose. I know, now your asking yourself how in the world does being a Worship Leader fit my purpose? Allow me to explain.

Being a Worship Leader implies that my responsibility is to lead other people in worship. Nothing really wrong there right?! But that’s not my entire role. If I’m so focused on “leading” worship I’m constantly thinking about the congregation and making sure that they are following and that I’m leading in such a way that they can follow. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely part of the job description but I hunk there is more to it than that.

What if my primary purpose was to worship God myself and do it in such a way that brings people along the journey that I’m on? Now I’m a Lead Worshipper. I’m not exalted above the congregation. Being a Lead Worshipper implies that I am one of them, on the same plane with the same purpose.

Game changer.

As a Worship Leader, I’m thinking about what the band is playing and what the AV team is doing in the back. I’m thinking about how/ if the congregation is responding to what is happening. As a Lead Worshipper, I’m just thinking about God. The real art in being a good Lead Worshipper is being able to focus completely on God while doing it in such a way that draws the congregation closer to God with you.

I won’t be angry or upset when I’m called a Worship Leader because every time I hear it, it reminds me of my real purpose.

If you participate in any capacity of a worship experience, I believe that you are a Lead Worshipper. How do you view your role?

For Him,


2 thoughts on “Worship Leader Vs. Lead Worshipper

  1. I like the “Lead Worshipper” title. I think we all need to do that when we’re in front of the congregation. It’s a tremendous responsibility; as well an amazing joy. I also think this pours over into our everyday life. Our daily life should be an example of leading in worship. As Christians we have SO much for which to be thankful. Jesus’ love empowers us to show (lead) others how He makes a difference in every aspect of our life. I want to encourage eveyone to be lead worshippers in everything they do.

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