Close to Cross, Far From Jesus

crossThroughout history, the cross has been a symbol of torture and pain. Now, the cross is a symbol of redemption and a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice.  I was reading through Matthew this morning and read the crucifixion story.  I thought about the soldiers who mocked, beat, and ultimately killed Jesus. How could they be so close to Jesus physically but be so far away in their hearts?  How could they deny who Jesus was? Jesus did so much for so many. He did nothing for His own benefit. He taught and healed. He showed God to people in a new way.

Close to the Cross, Far From Jesus- The soldiers were physically there at the cross when they crucified Jesus but their hearts were far from Him.


Do you ever feel that way? Maybe not to the extent of killing Jesus but do you ever feel like you’re there in the flesh but not in your heart? Are you going to church but not feeling any different when you leave? Are you just going through the motions? Take a moment today to open your eyes and see the miracle of God’s redemptive plan. As He was dying on the cross, Jesus forgave those that were persecuting Him. If He can forgive them, He can and will forgive you. God loves you. No matter how far away you feel from Him, He is always right beside you. You can leave God but He won’t ever leave you.

You are redeemed….


For Him,


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