5 Observations of A Good Team


Ever been on a great team and you wondered what it was that made the team so great? Was it the people? Was it a project? Was it your role? Was it the outcome that made the team great?

The health of your team can determine the outcome of your goals. If your team practices unhealthy behaviors, your team outcome could be failure. If you practice healthy behaviors, you are not guaranteed success but your chances for achieving success are dramatically increased.

Here are my 5 observations of good teams….

1.Mission Focused- There is power in a team that is unified in purpose. When everyone on your team is aiming at the same target, hitting a bullseye becomes so much easier than if everyone is going in different directions. Keep your team focused on one main goal.

2.Inclusive– I think a great team is open to other people’s interest in your team. When you invite others to join you, you are inviting fresh ideas and perspectives. An exclusive team can easily fall into old habits and run out of new and interesting ways of doing things. Look for ways to invite others into your team’s “process”.

3. Fellowship- Good teams take time to know each other whether it’s outside of the “work” environment or time during your “work”. I prefer to meet with people to hang out outside of our task oriented meeting times in the church. This is where friendships are made and, when you get to know people on your team, you will work better together knowing each others likes and dislikes as well as strengths and weaknesses.

4.Honesty- Honesty is so important in dealing with team dynamics. If you tell someone that they did perfect when there could be lots of room for improvement, you are only setting them and the team up for failure. This also comes with a disclaimer….you don’t have to be mean when being honest. Look for ways to encourage your team to do better without tearing down their spirit.  In the end, your relationships will be stronger and your team will “perform” better.

5.Personal dedication- I’ve noticed that the people on good teams all have a personal commitment to the success of the team. Each person is individually striving to do better and also spurring their teammates on to success. We all have probably been on a team where one person just sits back and lets the other people on the team do all of the work……don’t be that person. If you joined the team you should be giving your all towards fulfilling the mission of the team. Take personal responsibility for your role and expectations.

These are just my observations. There may be more and I would love to hear your thoughts about what makes a good team.

Tell me about a time when you were on a great team and what made it so great……Go!

For Him,


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