I Am a Puzzle Piece and So Can You!

Every thought about how God sees the world? We see the world from the ground level. We see it from the closest point you can get. Our perspective of the world is small compared to God’s perspective. A lot of times we go through life asking God to make certain things happen for us. Sometimes we even bargain with God. We say things like, ” God, if you do (fill in the blank) I’ll go to church every day for a year.” Or something along those lines. Usually we make these deals when we want something REALLY bad or we are in crisis.

Missing-Puzzle-pieceSometimes we pray that God would change things that we are not involved in but see a problem. World hunger is a big example of that. Most of us are not crusading to end world hunger but I think it’s something we would all like to see changed.

My question to you is, where do you fit in God’s plan?

I look at God’s plan like a big puzzle. There are more pieces to this puzzle than I can even comprehend. As He looks down on all of us, each one of us is a puzzle piece. God is putting all of the pieces together to make His big picture. There are lots of people who don’t know God so there are lots of holes still in the picture. You see, each one of us is a unique piece. No other person can fit in “our spot” in the puzzle. Where does your piece belong?

I’m sure God has a plan for world hunger. He has a plan for everything. Specifically though, What does God’s plan for Wesley Chapel look like? How do you fit in it? God is calling your puzzle piece to fit somewhere in His puzzle. Have you asked Him where you are supposed to be?

Maybe you are already there. So what do you do now? What is God calling you to do where you are at?

There is a lot of things happening at Wesley Chapel. Lives are being transformed. We are moving ourselves in to a great position to change the world! How is God calling you to be a part of this miracle? I’m so excited when I think about the possibilities that this church has. We have overcome adversity in the past. We have made hard changes. Every week we see that more and more new people are hearing the Gospel! That’s why we are here! To make disciples! To change the world! To show a corrupt world the love of Jesus Christ!


Is your puzzle piece filling your spot in God’s puzzle or are you sitting off to the side waiting until the edge pieces get put together first?

I would love to hear how God is using you and where you see Wesley Chapel in 10 years. Let the comments fly!

For Him,


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