Blessings from Ramen

ImageAs I write this, I’m sitting down at my office desk eating a bowl of Ramen Noodles. Not because I can’t afford anything else, I actually like them……some of them (dehydrated, microwaved, micro size shrimp are a little too weird for me).

As I put the bowl in the microwave to heat up my noodles I thought back to the times in my life when that was all I could afford. A time when I didn’t like them because I’d had them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last 2 weeks. Oh and I can’t forget the SPAM. Every once in a while I would go all out and put SPAM in my Ramen for a tasty little treat. True story.

There was a time in my life where I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was going through a terrible divorce, my garage was set on fire, I was working two jobs and trying to go to school. My finances were a wreck and I was trying to get my head above water to find a new sense of normal. All of this hit me at once. Ramen Noodles became the norm. I went through many hours of counseling to help process everything. Mind you, I was only 23 years old. That’s a lot of life experience thrown at a 23 year old all at once. It’s a lot for anyone at any age. My two jobs at the time were as a Corrections Officer and a Police Officer. I saw the sick cruelness of the world first hand. It made me bitter and cynical.

During this time I was also beginning my faith journey. During my failing marriage, I had decided to accept Jesus. My wife, at the time, was not supportive. This made my spiritual walk difficult and I felt pulled in several different directions. Thankfully, God pulled harder. I never blamed God for anything that I went through and He always seemed to place the right people at the right time in my life to help guide me.

It all seems like a distant memory now. I can’t believe that that was my life! Everything is so different now. I have a beautiful and happy family and marriage, an awesome “job”, and I’m surrounded by great people all the time. It’s taken a while to get the pieces together but I feel great about where God is leading me.

Romans 8:28

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

God took my mess and made a miracle out of it. He worked for my good. I’m so thankful. As silly as it sounds, Ramen Noodles remind me about how faithful God is. Ramen Noodles are a symbolic reminder of who I WAS. I am transformed. Are you?

What’s your story?



2 thoughts on “Blessings from Ramen

  1. A inspiring story Brian. I believe that everyone has a story to tell about finding Christ through the struggles that they went through or are still going through.

    A story of mine of having faith in Christ is with school and my struggle with it so much. I have had a dream of going to Medical School for over 10 years. I worked so hard at school to do the best I could do. I studied hours upon hours for exams to do well on them and when I took the test and got the grade back there it would be; a F. I struggled with school my entire life and it was so embarrassing. I even had a teacher in high school announce my test grade average in front of the entire class.

    When I got in to college I prayed so hard for a fresh start in doing well, because this would determine me in applying for Medical School one day, but it did not happen, regardless how much I prayed to do well on an exam. I see some of the classmates that are taking the same classes as me and don’t study as much and go partying and here they are making the grades and applying to Medical School themselves and getting accepted. When I am here studying and studying, staying up late, getting up early to study again before the class. And here I still get an F or D and cry my eyes out and get angry with God because I would have to take the class over. I finally did go to the Dr. and they did figure out I do have a learning disability.

    Even though I am still in school and I get terrified every semester that I am going to fail another class and have to re-take it, I know that God has me. It can be so hard sometimes to believe that He is there but I know He is. I know that He does have a plan in my life and that I am going have a good job someday and support a family someday also. I know this Chapter in my life won’t last forever, and I will look back at it and Praise God for getting me through it. I also know that I can tell others about my story because I know that someone will be going through the same thing. God is such an awesome God and I know He will never leave my side.

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